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EFT Payment Platform

The CDHIB EFT payment portal offers e-banking solutions that allows your business to process a large volume of transactions. It is suitable for recurring or periodic payments, which can be submitted as a single file using CDHIB’s online payment gateway.


  1. Ideal platform for bulk payments and salary processing
  2. Enhanced security with separate credentials from internet or mobile banking
  3. Portal allows customers to access TT copies as and when required
  4. Affordable digital banking platform

Requirements for CDHIB EFT payment portal registration

  1. Existing customer for CDHIB (individual or business)
  2. Submit application letter to register
    1. State whether access is for personal or business use
    2. Clarify the portal accessibility
    3. Clarify the roles and mandates for different users

Target market

  1. Any CDHIB customer
  2. More user friendly for corporates 


  1. Standing orders - clients are able to see all active standing instructions with their related transactions within the system
  2. Contract term deposit - customers have the ability to view their contract term deposits and to produce deposit confirmation slips
  3. Loan account statements - customers have the ability to view loan account schedules for their active loans
  4. Loan schedules – customers can view loan account schedules for active loan
  5. Telegraphic transfer receipts – this provides customers with the ability to view TT copies for transactions going through their account
  6. Tax payment receipts – this provides customers with the ability to view their Tax Payment Receipts including “Withholding Tax Payments Certificate”

To learn more about our CDHIB EFT payment portal services visit any of CDHIB’s Banking Centres or alternatively contact us here (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


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