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POS services

CDH Investment Bank has installed state of the art POS machines in most popular retail shops and hotels and we are continually rolling out more across the country. The CDHIB POS machines make shopping easier and convenient for everyone. With your card you are ready to pay in-store, even when you do not have cash with you. Simply swipe your card on the machine at a shop or merchant near you. The POS machines accept any ATM card for a bank, which is connected to the National Switch.

Key benefits

  • No need to carry cash.
  • Pay directly for goods using your ATM cards.
  • Fast, convenient, easy and secure.
  • Pay with your card in different shops, as often as you like.
  • It is free of charge.
To learn more about our POS services visit any of CDHIB’s banking centres or alternatively contact us here

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