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Customer fraud awareness

With the rising number of fraud attempts, keeping the Bank’s customer accounts safe and protected is our priority. Being aware of fraud helps our customers to spot warning signs of scams and other illegal activities.

Fraudsters are always finding new ways to gain unauthorized access to our financial information and bank accounts. We need to be knowledgeable and vigilant about their latest activities in order to protect ourselves.

Fraudsters will go to extraordinary lengths to make you believe that they are genuine. Fraudsters can be organized and usually choose their target and the type of fraud based upon research of your online profile, internet spending habits and social media.

Tips on protecting yourself from fraud:


  1. CDH Investment Bank will never ask you in any way (by telephone or e-mail) for your security codes for the Internet and Mobile Banking service. Be wary of unsolicited emails or phone calls asking you for PINs or passwords, CDH Investment Bank would never ask for these.
  2. Do not provide your personal or account details or security information, particularly your PIN.
  3. Ask questions and probe further. Fraudsters are trained to sound very convincing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to verify the legitimacy of a call.
  4. Scrutinize emails and text messages received. It helps to pay close attention to messages you receive.
  5. Do not log on to your online banking using a public Wi-Fi.
  6. Watch out for fake schemes advertised on social media or endorsed by celebrities.
  7. Before investing online, always seek independent financial advice from authorized experts from the bank.

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