Commodities market


  • The tobacco sales for Burley, (Northern Division Dark Fired) NDDF, Southern Division Dark Fired (SDDF), and Sun Air closed for all the auction floors on 27th July 2012. Flue Cured, however, continued selling on specific dates until 17th August 2012.
  • 2012 prices as at 17th August 2012 stood at about US$2.23/kg compared to US$1.24/kg for 2011.
  • Realisation stands at US$177.82 million compared to US$293.74 million for 2011 and US$410.6 million for 2010. Sales volume for 2012 stood at 79.82 million only (due to lower production levels) compared to 237.17 million in 2011, representing a drop of 66.34%.


Petroleum prices

  • Fuel prices have registered steady increases since 2005.
  • The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has adopted the automatic pricing mechanism in tandem with fluctuating global prices.
  • This year, pump prices for petrol, diesel and paraffin have been adjusted twice so far, in May and July 2012.