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At CDH Investment Bank (CDHIB), our business is based on the simple tenet of “customer first”. We therefore run our day-to-day operations with a client-centric approach that resonates throughout the bank. Because every client is unique, our main goal is to ensure that each customer’s specific banking requirements are met both efficiently and effectively. We apply innovation and creativity to deliver value that drives clients to ask for CDHIB’s solutions in many areas of their business.

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Foreign exchange rates

Currency Buying Selling
USD 541.8640 555.4106
GBP 830.5692 851.3334
ZAR 41.6490 42.6903
EUR 616.0452 631.4463
AUD 397.5114 407.4492
AED 147.5303 151.2186
BWP 52.5608 53.8748
CNY 87.8314 90.0272
CAD 419.5943 430.0841

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  • International trade services

    International trade services

    At CDHIB we understand that the world has truly become a global village. Our international trade services enable our clients to conduct their business anywhere in the world.

  • Off-balance sheet financing

    Off-balance sheet finance

    Off-balance sheet financing helps to improve the overall financial structure of a business by providing unfunded fee based finance to meet clients’ commitments with third parties...

  • Financial advisory services

    Financial advisory services

    We provide specialised, well-researched financial advice to organisations confronted with complex financial challenges...

  • Financial instrument trading

    Financial instrument trading

    CDHIB has a unique rich history of trading in financial instruments. Our clients benefit from our flexibility in value creation as we assist them to create and originate debt instruments for issue...